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Zuko x Reader - Dont leave. Read Dont leave from the story Zuko x Reader by xCornDogx with 4,477 reads. fire, firebender, aupa. Some sexual content. •zuko 2020, zuko2020, zuko, prince zuko, firelord zuko, make america honorable again, zuko honor, honor, avatar, the last airbender, uncle iroh, iroh, azula, firebender, fire nation, president zuko, zuko 2020, zuko 2020 vinyl, zuko bumper, katara, aang, zutara. By Katherine The Reader.Mar 15, 2015 · Zuko x Earth Bender! Reader You walked into the tea shop, sighing deeply. One of your friends had told you to go here because you could get an amazing cup of tea for an nice cost, and after training, that's what you wanted. A young man, most likely a year or two older than you. "Let me show you to your table." He said, walking you to an open table. Read Marry me from the story Zuko x Reader by xCornDogx with 3,497 reads. katara, firebender, hotnessthatiszuko. Sexual content . ...

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Image info HTML code firebender.breakthrough-designs.com Download. You may also like: Prince Zuko Wallpaper.fire bender reader; Hurt Zuko (Avatar) Summary. Azula x Gender Neutral reader —-She pulled away from me, a hum on her lips, “Promise me that you will never leave my side,” she whispered. Back facing me, hiding her expression. But I didn’t need to see it to know what it was. “As you wish, Azula.” Language: English Words: 1,475 ... Zuko x firebender! Reader. Add to Favourites. Comment. *flashback* "Come (y/n) " "N-no zuko" The raven haired boy grabbed you to drag you to the castle he lived in. As soon as he touched you, your powers controlled a candle you had your hands.

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Zuko: I've got a lot on my mind. It's been so long - over three years since I was home - I wonder what's changed. Firebender soldier: We'll never surrender! (begins attempting to bend but only gets a small spark that fizzes out pathetically) Uh, okay, we surrender. (he and his comrades all bow in surrender).Jan 3, 2015 - Aang n Zuko<<<OMG ZUKO NO WONDER YOURE A FIRE BENDER YOU IS HOT!!!! It's been two years since Zuko's best friend died, but rumors of a spirit matching her description continue to protect the Earth Nation from the Fire Nation. When Zuko is faced with the reality that his best friend-his first love- is doing everything she can to protect the avatar from him, w... Avatar: The Last Airbender (s) [Female Reader Insert]

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Pairing: Zuko x reader. Requested?: Yes! By a wonderful anon: “your zuko fics are all so well-written! I have a request for a firebender reader who hates the fire nation and was never trained in the art of fighting. then she/they join the gaang and learns firebending with aang from zuko. it’s awkward between them at first but cue ~ romance ~” avatar avatar the last airbender atla aang zuko katara sokka azula korra the legend of korra asami airbender waterbender firebender earthbender ... x reader zuko zuko ...